Manual ACH Checkout Flow

How does the Manual ACH Checkout work?

  1. The payer will be required to enter the dollar amount of payment if not already populated into the checkout.
  2. The payer will enter any required or optional custom fields such as Invoice # if applicable.
  3. The payer will be required to enter their email address.
  4. The payer selects ACH tab.
  5. The payer enters Name on bank account
  6. The payer selects if it is a business or personal checking account.
  7. The payer enters the routing number for the USA bank account.
    • When a successful USA Bank Routing number has been entered, the name of the bank will auto populate the "Bank Name" field.
  8. The payer enters their bank account number.
  9. The payer is required to re-enter bank account number for validation.
    • When matching account numbers have been entered into the "Account Number" field and "Confirm Account" field, the payer has successfully entered the payment information.
  10. The payer selects the "Enter Billing Information" tab to continue the transaction.
  11. The payer enters account billing information.
  12. The payer creates payment by clicking the "Pay" button.

Bank Payment Lifecycle

Bank payments follow a different life-cycle than card payments, and most common users of checks and bank transfers are unaware of this complexity.

  1. Created
    • Bank payments are created in the PayStand ledger as an entry waiting to record the attempted transmission to the bank issuer.
    • A payment rarely retains this status for more than a few seconds.

  2. Processing
    • The payment has all necessary information collected and has been sent to the appropriate financial institutions to confirm authorization and fund availability. As banks are slow to confirm the accuracy of information, a bank payment may have the status of "Processing" for 1-2 business days.

  3. Posted
    • PayStand has received confirmation the bank information was accurate and the funds have been authorized and secured on behalf of the payment. The funds are now being transmitted to PayStand.

  4. Paid
    • The funds have arrived at PayStand and are being made available to your account.

  5. Calendar of Events
    • Availability of funds from a bank payment is ultimately governed by the agreement between your organization and PayStand. For PayStand partners in good standing (low risk profile, good transactional history), bank payments are made available to their dashboard within 5 business days, though PayStand does have Enterprise features that reduce this processing time to 2-3 business days.
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