What is a vCard and how can I use it?

A vCard (or virtual card) is a payment card much like the credit and debit cards in your wallet. 

It is like them in that:

  • You, or your vendor, can use them to pay for goods and services in much the same way you might pay for these things using your credit or debit card.
  • vCards are accepted wherever MasterCard charge cards are accepted.
  • You have greater control over these cards, as they are created, loaded, and canceled however you wish and all through your dashboard.
  • Like a debit card, their spending limit is equal to the funds you have put into them.
  • Payment authorization, confirmation, fund transfers, and transaction fees are all the same as paying with other cards.

It is not like them in that:

  • A vCard is only ever in digital form and thus cannot be physically swiped through a card reader (though it can be manually entered in a virtual terminal or online checkout form).
  • A vCard has security precautions regarding who can use the card and (for your security) who cannot.
  • PayStand can notify you automatically and immediately when a transaction takes place.

Feel free to contact PayStand Customer Success if you have any further questions.

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