How do I setup a product with variations / drop-downs?

You may be selling a product or service that comes with variations.

Clothing has different sizes.
Does the customer want that in red, green, or blue?
You're a band selling tickets to your show; some for Friday night and some for Saturday night.
Students can purchase 1 hour of instruction, 2 hours, or 3 hours.
Did you want the memorabilia for California, New York, or Maine?

Items have variations and to the buyer, they appear as a drop-down menu for each item.  Here is how to make variations for an item:

  1. The item must be of either a Physical type, or a Service.  Donations and Digital Downloads do not have variation drop-downs.  [let us know if you would like variations for donations or digital downloads]
  2. In the third section of editing your item (the bar titled "More Options"), check the box allowing you to add "Dropdown-Options" to your item.  A link will appear titled "+ Add Another Variation".  Click it to add as many variations as you would like.
  3. Similar to above, a variation will have a name (e.g., "Small", "Medium", "Large"), it's own price (e.g., $10, $12, $14), and inventory can be tracked individually (e.g., "we have 5 small shirts, 2 mediums, and 4 larges").  You can also select the inventory is unlimited for a particular variation.
  4. Click "Save" and voila!  Your item has different variations your buyers can select from a drop-down.

It should be noted that when variations are added, the general price set at the top of your item is overruled; your item will surface with the price of the first variation.

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