Link your Webflow Website to an External PayStand Store Page

webflow-paystand-payments One of the simplest ways to accept online payments and add your store on your website is to add an external link. These links from your website will go to your fully customizable WebStand. Your WebStand is a free website page that comes with your PayStand account, which displays your item(s) and includes our direct 1-click checkout experience. This free WebStand page can be easily customized to match the look and feel of your website. You also have the ability to link your WebStand back to your website for a seamless experience. Customers will feel like they have never left your Webflow website as they purchase and checkout. You can add external WebStand links to various individual item pages or to your catalog page showing all your items at once. You can place your links in your website's main header navigation, on a button, product images, donation request, invoiced payments to be made, or anywhere else you would like to link to your items and checkout experience. Sample Website: Sample PayStand + WebStand Website Get Started By: Learn how to customize the look and feel of your PayStand WebStand

Step 1: Add a link to your Webflow website

Setting up Store via External Link on WebflowYour link can be in the header, a button, or an image. Simply attach your PayStand's WebStand link to any of your linkable content on your website.

Step 2: Add your External Link to the Webflow "LINK SETTINGS"

Linking PayStand Store Page to WebflowAdd your external PayStand Page link into the "URL:" field. Your PayStand Page will by default be your, but can be customized as well with certain plans.

Step 3: Bonus - Customize Your PayStand's WebStand

Customize your linked WebStand to Webflow WebsiteOnce you have setup your link in your Webflow site you are all setup with online commerce, payments, and checkout. For a bonus, head over to your PayStand Dashboard and customize your WebStand to match the look and feel of your Webflow website. You can even add a link to your WebStand logo to brings your customers back to your website after they have checkout for a seamless experience. Customize your WebStand: 1. Go to your PayStand Dashboard 2. Click on "Settings" in the top main menu 3. Click on "Theme Selection" from the left navigation 4. Choose your prefered theme 5. Upload your Custom Header Icon (125px x 40px) 6. Insert Custom Header Link (ie. your Webflow website url) 7. Enter a Custom Header Color if wanted 8. Upload a Custom Background (a small repeating image, or large background spread photo) 9. Choose your Background Style Behavior (controls the behavior of your uploaded photo - repeat, stretch, cover, or contain) 10. Or enter a Background Color 11. Enter Custom CSS (for professional plan)

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