How to Embed PayStand into your Webflow Website

PayStand Embed in Webflow Website Want to build a store with single or multiple items right into your Webflow website? One of the easiest ways to build commerce into your website is to use PayStand's embed code. Putting your entire store or individual items is now as easy as embedding a YouTube video! You can simply copy and paste the embed code for an entire store or for an individual item. These items can be physical goods with set pricing, online payments, donations, digital downloads, subscriptions, or even items with monthly or yearly recurring payments. When you use PayStand's easy embed tools you also get the entire checkout experience directly in your website without your customers ever having to leave your site.
Sample Website: Sample PayStand + WebStand Website

Step 1: Add Link to Your Webflow Website

Setting up Store via External Link on WebflowAdd a link to your Webflow website in the header, a button, or an image. This link will go to another Webflo website page. Simply create your link to any of your linkable content on your website.

Step 2: Add a Page to your Webflow Website

Add a Page to Webflow Website From the left navigation bar, click on the "Pages" icon, and add a page. Label this page according to its purpose (Store, Payments, Donations, Digital Downloads, Subscriptions, Shop, etc.).

Step 3: Setup Your New Page

To learn how to setup your new page go to WebFlow University: For a simple start, try copying & pasting the necessary common header & footer elements. Then move to the next step. Setup your New Webflow Page

Step 4: Drag & Drop a "Container" icon from the "Layout Menu"

Add a Container to your New Page From the right "Add" menu with the "+" icon, drag & drop the "Container" icon onto the section on your page you wish to embed your PayStand store, payments, and checkout.

Step 5: Drag & Drop an "Embed" icon from the "Layout Menu" into the Container

Add an Embed icon into the Container or your Webflow Website From the right "Add" menu with the "+" icon, drag & drop the "Embed" icon into the Container section on your page you wish to embed your PayStand store, payments, and checkout.

Step 6: Copy your PayStand Embed Code

Copy & Paste PayStand Embed Code From your PayStand Dashboard copy and paste the embed code you would like to show up on your page. You can grab the embed code from the main page for your whole PayStand, or you can grab the embed code from any item to show just that item.

Step 7: Paste the PayStand Embed Code into WebFlow

Paste PayStand Embed Code into WebFlow Website After double clicking the Embed section on your WebFlow website page, paste your PayStand embed code into the popup HTML code widget. Responsive Pro Tip: In the embed code, change the "width" to "100%" and adjust the height to a size that will avoid a scroll bar (try 850).

Step 8: Publish your Page

Publish your Webflow Website with PayStand Stores and Payments Click on the Rocketship Icon in the upper left hand corner to publish your site. Enjoy easy stores and payments with direct checkout in your Webflow website. Manage your store from your PayStand dashboard and changes are instantly made wherever you have your PayStand available.

Step 9: Congratulations! Tell Everyone About your New Site"

Add Commerce to Webflow by Getting Started with your PayStand...

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