How do I share my store, or an item, on Instagram

Instagram is a great way for businesses to display, share, and connect products to customers.  The popular photo-and-video-sharing website combines ease of use with advanced photography filters, to make it very easy to share quality photographs with a large audience.  Additionally, using their #hashtags can help that audience find your products.

For businesses wishing to take advantage of Instagram, we recommend these two activities:

1)  Ensure your business' account profile is fully filled out, and includes the URL to your PayStand Web-store.  This link is offered to visitors of your Instagram photo album.

2)  When posting a photo, always include the Paystand.Me URL to that item.  Even though Instagram won't turn it into a clickable link, customers will copy & paste the URL to their browser to buy your item.  We also encourage using #hashtags, to strengthen your item's relevance to the category your audience is looking for (e.g., adding "#jewelry" when selling a necklace, #music if selling an album).


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