How do I withdraw funds?

Head over to your "Money" screen by clicking the piggy bank in the top bar.

On this screen, you will see several figures:

Total Processed, which is a total of all successful transactions made by your PayStand store in the history of your account.

Balance, which is the total of your transactions, less any fees, withdrawals, charges, etc.

Pending Orders, which is the total number of orders that have been placed, which you have not addressed and therefore are taking much longer to become available for withdrawal.  You always want to make sure to update your orders, especially as it keeps you contact with your customers and reduces the number of charge disputes.

Available, which are the total funds available for withdrawal at this moment.  The number is limited by the level of your account (Essential accounts can withdraw more with each request, and do so more often, than Starter accounts), the number of pending orders, and when & for how much your last withdrawal request was for.


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