When can I withdraw funds after I've received a payment?

Congratulations!  You've been paid, and now you want to withdraw the funds.

Verified Bank Account

PayStand requires you have a verified bank account in order to withdrawal your available funds. We do this to guarantee your money is going where it is supposed to. A verified bank account requires a secure two drop deposit has been validated, ensuring that your available funds are sent to your correct account. Once your bank credentials have been submitted - and while you are waiting 1-3 business days for the two drop deposits to be made - you are able to start selling and accepting payments online.


For funds to be available your order must first be fulfilled. Not all orders require fulfillment. Donations, service payments, and digital downloads auto-fulfill so no further action is necessary. For physical items or items that need to be shipped, fulfillment is necessary to allow you to ensure that your customer has either received the item in person or that the item has been shipped and they've received a tracking code. When an item is marked as 'Fulfilled' you have the opportunity to enter shipping information and to send a followup email to your customer to update them. Below are fund availability times once your order has been fulfilled.

Fund Availability into PayStand

  • Credit Cards: 1-2 business days
  • eCheck: 4-8 business days (beta release - time will decrease)
  • ACH/Dwolla: 4-8 business days
  • eCash/Bitcoin: Less than 6 hours
  • Basic Plan: 5 business day minimum availability
  • Payments Plan: 21 business day minimum availability

Withdrawing Available Funds from PayStand

Once your funds are available, there are two available methods to withdraw earnings. You can find details on Manual or Automatic Withdrawal Transfers below.

If you are having any trouble withdrawing funds, first make sure you have set the order to fulfilled (if needed) and the order has "Cleared" (look for a green checkmark in your Orders section). 

First Withdrawal Times:

  • +3 business days to establish account history

Manual Withdrawal Transfer Requests

Once your earnings are available it's time to withdrawal your available funds. You can view your fund availability by going to the Money sections from the top navigation in your dashboard. Enter the amount of available funds you would like transferred and PayStand sends that amount straight to your verified bank account. Every bank is different, and your bank may take anywhere from 1 hour to 3 days to process funds. 

  • Next day transfer (4:30pm PST deadline)

Automatic Withdrawal Feature

Professional and Standard accounts have the option to enable the automatic withdrawal feature. Simply make a request to your customer success representative to turn this on. Automatic withdrawals automatically transfer your available funds to your verified bank account. Turn it on and sit back as funds show up in your bank account. 

  • Professional Plan: 24hr rolling basis
  • Standard Plan: weekly rolling basis
  • Basic Plan: not available
  • Starter Plan: not available

Hold Status

Certain accounts can be placed on a hold status for up to a 30 day review period. This is rare and is based on internal risk indicators. Accounts placed on hold can still transact and accept payments, but available funds requested for withdrawal have an extended hold while the account is cleared for business as usual. Our finance team will work quickly to request necessary documents to verify your account. 

We celebrate each sale you make through your PayStand, and we hope to transfer lots of funds to your bank! 

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