How do I test a transaction in a Sandbox environment?

PayStand can provide demo accounts for testing upon request. Just ask your assigned Sales Executive. You will be given access to a test account's dashboard. From there you can run credit or eCheck test transactions.

Sandbox API access is provided for customers with executed term sheets or contracts. After executing the agreement, your Sales Executive will put you in touch with the Implementation Manager to get access. 

In both cases, you can test credit card transactions with the following information:

  • 4242 4242 4242 4242
  • Any 3 digit CVV code
  • Any 4 digit expiry
  • Any customer information

You may test echeck transactions with the following information:

  • Bank login user: user_good
  • Bank login password: pass_good
  • Pin: credential_good
  • If you choose a bank that requires account/routing, use 9876543210 for account and 111121111 for routing.
  • Security answer: tomato
  • To trigger another security question, type "again" as many times as you want. Type tomato when you are ready to move forward past the security question.

You may add the following bank account for withdrawals and account verification:

  • Routing: 110000000
  • Account: 000123456789
  • Two drop amounts: 0.32 & 0.45


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