How do I get my first withdrawal?

To initiate a withdrawal from your PayStand account, you must have added and verified your bank account, and have cleared funds available for withdrawal.

The first step to take is to verify your bank account with two drop deposit. Follow the alert in the Dashboard to enter your bank account and routing information. This is where your payments will be deposited. Once the bank account information is entered, two small deposits will be sent to your account. This may take 1-3 business days. Once the deposit has been sent to your account, note the amounts and enter them in the dashboard. This will mark your account as verified and let us know you own the bank account. 

Once a successful payment has been made and cleared, you may initiate a withdrawal to your bank account via the Dashboard. You can verify which payments may have cleared from your transactions page on your Dashboard - they will show a check to the right to indicate that the order has cleared and is available for withdrawal.

To initiate a withdrawal, go to the Money tab at the top right of the Dashboard. Enter the amount to withdraw, check the boxes agreeing to the terms, and click on transfer funds.

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