Checkout not available

Sometimes, you may see a message that "Checkout is currently not available."

There are several reasons you may see a message like this. Here are some of the possible reasons and the way to troubleshoot them. If you are unable to get checkout to load after attempting these solutions, please contact for further assistance.

1. Issue:  We are deploying new code, and our service is temporarily offline. 

Solution: Please try again in a few minutes.

2. Issue:  The url is incorrect, so our checkout cannot load the intended checkout.

Solution: Please copy/paste the url you were provided directly into your browser.

3. Issue: Despite a correct url, the checkout will not load. I have the Grammarly browser extension installed.

Solution: Temporarily disable this extension. Alternatively, attempt to load the checkout in an incognito window. Grammarly's auto correction service is incompatible with PayStand's urls.


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